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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Post-Series & Future Fic

*A Blurred Someday- The Great Graffiti Caper (post series estimate, MaDi centered with LoVe)
*♥A Blurred Someday- The Odd Couple (sequel to The Great Graffiti Caper, MaDi centered with LoVe)
*Celticgothhardy- Reproba Letum (post series, CROSSOVER:Criminal Minds some AU events not LoVe exactly)
HoneyBee1-Pony Meltdown (sometime post series)
Jacedesbff- Internal Affairs (sometime after the series ends, Keith POV)
+Jacedesbff- Push (married LoVe)
Jacedesbff- Where’s Waldo? (future fic, DragonCon)
*LateVMLover- Tear Away the Mask (after the summer of s3, some V/Piz some MaDi)
*♥lvee63- LoVe Under Pressure (post series, some a bit AU)
*MLP- A Life Extraordinary (2010, WIP24)
Nerdyesque- Beware of Blondes (CROSSOVER w/ True Blood)
*Silverlining2k6- Veronica's Hangover (sometime post series)
SmellsLikeCorruption- Like Chihuahuas (post episode estimate CROSSOVER:Buffy)
Snuffybaby- Catching Up
+veni_veni_veni- Have Your Day in Court (sometime not happy futurefic)
+veni_veni_veni- Drama of Errors (sequel to Have Your Day in Court)
*WickedDiva422- The Consequences of the Past (50 year reunion, sucks ass!)