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Saturday, February 26, 2011

2x01 Normal Is the Watchword

*Acenotmany-Rewind (no VD, INCOMPLETE)
*+DarkandTwistyGirl- These Kids
*♥Elizcalvert- What is LoVe?
*EpicLove- Season 2 LoVe Redo (INCOMPLETE)
Jeanie205- Shifting Gears (Logan POV)
*♥Jenwin23- Playing Hide and Seek with the Truth (sequel to Truths Too Big to be Told, AU WIP7)
*♥Josielynn- Unwilling Kane (an AU season 2)
*lateVMlover- Ricochet (season 2 summer, WIP3)
*Marylane- Virtual Season Two (AU, INCOMPLETE)
*+♥MyLogan- The Bet (some slight DiVe, no VD or Kendell w/ robobaby)
Pegm81484- Normal is Not Always What You Need
Snuffybaby- Bump (AU, V isn't dating Duncan)
♥Snuffybaby- One Door Closes (post episode AU)
♥+Snuffybaby- Another Door Opens (sequel to One Door Closes)
♥Snuffybaby- Awake Before Christmas (V was on the bus, Meg wasn't)
*♥Snuffybaby- Making Memories (post episode, Logan was on the bus he's in the coma)
♥Snuffybaby- Promises to Keep (no D/V)
Thislittlelady- Nothing Happens Accidentally (INCOMPLETE)
Tsapphire13- Secret, Lies, and Alibis (AU)
*TVWhatley- And We All Fall Down (AU s2e1)
*TVWhatley- Fast Times at Neptune High (sequel to And We All Fall Down (AU s2e2)
Vmarsislife- She Was Always Mine (AU backstory)