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Saturday, February 26, 2011

1x15 Ruskie Business

*Addicted to Joy- Nightflower (here's part two)
Apckrfan- Come to Me
Apckrfan- Damaged and Bruised
Becca- The Phone Call (Duncan POV)
Copper- Unexpected Ally (post episode)
Kelex- Lancelot
Kelex- Touchy-Feely (AU)
Marvello- A Long Night (not episode specific but written post episode airing)
Mswyrr- Tinkerbelle and I (post episode)
Parka_Girl- The Sky Above
Parka_Girl- Thin Air (immediately post episode)
PicklePocket- Subterfuge (post episode)
Picklepocket- Consequences (sequel to Subterfuge)
Romanticalgirl- Persona Non Grata (post episode)
Sinaddict- Inertia Creeping (ending AU)
SlayerKitty00- I Never
Snarkycole- Right Kind of Wrong (post episode)
♥Snuffybaby- Carrying On
♥Snuffybaby- Comfort
superkappa- For Sorrow Or Inspiration (hints LoVe)
*♥_tiana_- Holding the Curve (INCOMPLETE)
*TVWhatley- Lovers and Friends (INCOMPLETE)
*Ultrawoman- Don't You Forget About Me (no rape)
VeronicasSecret- Awkward Alliance (drabble)
VeronicasSecret- Gallant Goofus (drabble)
*Wanabee- Rules of Engagement (INCOMPLETE)
*Whichrightwitchwrites- Scattered Secrets (sometime post episode)