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Saturday, February 26, 2011

1x18 Weapons of Class Destruction

Addictedtojoy- Guinevere
AmyBeckett- Straight Forward
Ashley- Falling Backward (part 2)
*♥BackupLover- Redefining Friendship (post episode AU no kiss, V/Troy & Logan/Caitlin still for awhile, INCOMPLETE)
Baden- Perfect Day [part 2, 3] (post episode)
ElleTell007- Dazed and Confused
Esren- Momentary Thing (post episode)
Etrnlscribbler- Veronica Mars Doesn't Gush
Flipped_Pancake- Right (post episode)
Lina- Fairy Tale
*KatiePotatie- LoVe and All that Comes with It (OOC, WIP9)
Kayli- Momentary Lapse of Judgement
Kayli- Now What?
Kieyra- Sometimes It Feels the Same (post episode)
Mags- Burn (post episode, drabble)
Mastermia- Exercise - Dialog (sometime post episode estimate)
Nightshade- Second Chances (post episode)
Nightshade- What Ifs and Should Have Dones (sequel to Second Chances)
*Raye- Aftermath (part 2)
Sexycereal- I've Never Crossed the Atlantic
*Slayathon- Not What They Seem (INCOMPLETE)
SlayerKitty00- Midnight Caller
*Stripedwall- Inaudible, Exposed, Given, Good to Know, and To Flee or Not to Flee (post episode)
*+♥tlovesLoVe- Accidentally in Love (first 5 chapters recap up to A Trip to the Dentist.)
Wynn- The Snail and the Jackhammer
♥Wynn- The Wallace Inquisition (post episode)