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Saturday, February 26, 2011

1x01 Pilot

*bluebel703- Season 1 Redux (INCOMPLETE)
Boyfriendinacoma- Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen (Logan POV through s1)
*LoveisRuthless- Rewritten (Lilly lived, paternity test was done, V stuck with Yolanda, secret LoVe etc. INCOMPLETE)
*Manie- Fun, Fun and a Little Angst (Weevil doesn't save the day, INCOMPLETE)
*Moo Chapman- A Step on the Path (AU, LoVe happened before Lilly died)
*Mooncat- Stolen Moments
*Mooncat99- The Layers of a Marshmallow
Psyc0gurl0- Dead & Gone
*Runiechica- Rebirth (AU, INCOMPLETE)
starcrazed- World Ablaze (Logan thoughts to WCD)
*TianaP- Miracles Do Happen (post episode, INCOMPLETE)