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Saturday, February 26, 2011

1x22 Leave It to Beaver

*A War of Words- Come on Now Sugar (alternate ending)
*Brencon- What Are We Now?
♥Buffyx- A Rose Grows from Concrete (post episode, summer)
Call_me_blue- I Know This Much is True (AU fluff fic post episode- future)
*Chantelle1979- Rough Diamonds Case 1 (goes AU after episode, INCOMPLETE)
*CrackedReality- Ghost in the Halls (post episode)
Drollicaeipathy- Let's Get Stupid, Let's Get Wicked (post episode, summer)
Eternalscribbler- A History in Blood (post episode)
Eternalscribbler- Watching Her Sleep (sometime post episode)
*Ethereal65- School Daze (post episode)
♥EveryDream- On the Ledge
*FallAway- Sacrifice Theory (Mac and Madison weren't switched- M/C & LoVe, post episode)
*Fyreangel5- Who Can You Count On (who is at the door)
*HBQ100- LoVe is All Around You (immediately post episode, INCOMPLETE)
*Jacedesbff- Crossing the Bridge (Mac & Madison mainly but there is LoVe post episode, AU)
Jacedesbff- Golden Boy (major character deaths)
*♥Jacedesbff- Ripples (who's at the door)
*♥JeanSheridan- Recovery (AU post episode, summer slight VD)
*♥Jenwin23- Truths Too Big to be Told (18 days post sequel to Some Truths Hurt, AU)
*♥LibDucky- A Neptune UnChristmas Carol (right after beach confrontation)
Little_linds- In Between 
*LoVeSpuffy- What Are We Now? (post episode)
misa_05- Mine (post episode, summer OOC)
*Miss_begonia- Burn Inside of Me (a month post episode)
*+MyLogan- Abandoned (post episode, spring break of a very AU fourth year of college)
*+MyLogan- Helpless (immediately post episode)
NessaasseN- Penance (post episode)
*Orithain and Rina- When He Was Good [P2, P3] (post episode, summer)
*Patti- Overture (INCOMPLETE)
*Shontos_garden- The Salt-Wound Routine (who's at the door)
*♥Simply Lily- Gee, Thanks a Lot, Beaver
SirensSong- ExerciseRomance/Love 
Slayathon- Runaway (starts with dream)
*♥Snuffybaby- Angel of Mercy (part 2, 3, 4)
♥Snuffybaby- Best Friend's Eye View (post episode, Wallace POV)
♥Snuffybaby- Doing the Deed (post episode, next school semester; starts like Mecca)
♥Snuffybaby- Drunken Conduct (post episode, 6 months later)
♥Snuffybaby- Effects of Closure
Snuffybaby- In the Rearview (post episode, stranger POV)
♥Snuffybaby- Knight in Shining Xterra
♥Snuffybaby- Life Sentences
♥Snuffybaby- Mecca (post episode)
*+♥Snuffybaby- Survivors  (post episode, next school year)
+Snuffybaby- That Last Bit
♥Snuffybaby- Tying Up Loose Ends
*Superepic- Don't Leave it to Beaver
Synful_trixxie- Five More Minutes (post episode, summer)
*Tigereyes320- What Do We Do Now? (post episode, s3 babyfic)
*Tripetta- In the Absence of Sun (immediately post episode)