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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Completely AU or Pre- Series

*Anedderm- The Morning After (goes AU the morning after the rape, V turns out to be a Kane)
*ArBailey- His Friend Too (preseries, V catches Lilly and Aaron)
*Avery Malfoy- What If? (Lily lives but was attacked and Dick turns out to be V's brother)
*BellaoftheBall91- It's Something Like LoVe (Lily didn't die, INCOMPLETE?)
*Blondiekins- Dig (OOC, INCOMPLETE)
*Brandee06- Who Am I? (Lilly didn't die and she's a bitch, INCOMPLETE)
*♥Brencon- Mutual (Lily lives and is a complete bitch to LoVe)
*♥Carissima- Something Like Fate (AU- no Lily/Aaron therefore she's alive)
*Catheryne- The King of Neptune High (quite a bit AU LoVe secret together & Lilly didn't die, INCOMPLETE)
*Cloud_Forest- Two Week Stay-Cation (pre-series before Lilly dies, no V/D)
*♥Gertinator- The Sweet Life (graduation dream made real)
*In Love with LoVe- Breakups and Bets (very AU & OOC, preseries)
*Intense26- Knight in Tarnished Armor (after rape)
*Invida- Damn, Damn the Circumstance (goes AU from Pomroy party, INCOMPLETE)
*♥Jacedesbff- For the Sake of a Friend (AU prologue, then rest of season LoVe)
*+♥Jacedesbff- Honors Biology (AU, no Fab 4 INCOMPLETE)
Jacedesbff-Ice, Ice, Baby (very AU)
Jacedesbff- Missed Kisses (AU)
*Jacedesbff- Past Imperfect (very AU, Duncan's gay)
*Jacedesbff- Point A to Point B [p2] (very AU & OOC, Graduation dream background)
Jacedesbff- The Kingdom by the Sea (crackedy-cracked-up crack!fluff/crack!fic, AU)
Jacedesbff- The Pirate Fic (crackedy-cracked-up crack!fluff/crack!fic, AU)
Jacedesbff- The Veronica We Know and Love [Or Not] (completely AU vignettes)
*JazzieAngel- Everything Will Be Fine (AU, s2 happens first, INCOMPLETE?)
Jeanie205- Miscommunication (pre-series, LoVe, MaDi)
*JimmyChoo2709- Let Your Heart Win (VERY AU, Lilly lives, Veronica moved away freshman year, Lamb is her half-brother, INCOMPLETE)
*Josielynn- Broken Veronica (AU, Aaron wasn't who killed Lilly and then Keith dies)
*Josielynn- Lilly's Waiting (V has cancer)
*Josielynn- The Real Thing (completely AU, V was never friends with Fab4, WIP12)
*Josielynn- Veronica Moves to Neptune (V is an 09er and moved there when she was 16)
*Lisabeth C- Brighter Than Sunshine (Lilly didn't die cause Lynn found the tapes, INCOMPLETE)
Little Miss Vixen- White (Lilly alive at Pomroy party)
*Mac-alicious- Do You Remember? (very AU, WIP)
*♥Maipigen- An Underestimated Return (completely almost 100% AU, slight crossover with Alias)
*♥Mallikad- Crash Into You (Lily didn't die)
*Marianna- The Alternate (AU)
*Moonswirl- Mars Out of Neptune (AU, INCOMPLETE)
*PilarlaRubia- Finding It a New Way (AU, Lilly doesn't die INCOMPLETE)
Sexycereal- Boy, Oh, Boy (no pairing really)
Silverlining2k6- Control (starts after Shelly's party, very AU)
Sinaddict- Life or Something Like It (AU following Lily's death)
Spunky Lily- New Hair Day (just before Pilot)
+Snuffybaby- Beat the Heat (LL, LoVe, very minor VD starts pre-series ends way post)
*♥Snuffybaby- Breaching Defenses (@ carwash, Logan's letter is LoVe-centric. Lily doesn't die)
*♥Snuffybaby- His Friend Too [part 2, 3] (V sees Logan at the carwash)
*♥Snuffybaby- Inevitable
♥Snuffybaby- Intoxicated (no body shots at the party, Logan saves her)
♥Snuffybaby- Second Chances (AU s2, Lily's alive & LoVe have been together for 3 years)
♥Snuffybaby- Stepping Aside (goes AU after D/V break up)
Stainofmylove- Bait and Switch (preseries sorta LoVe)
*Tastylilgifty- Whenever I'm Alone With You (prologue pre-series)
*TinyBlonde1- Love and Hate [13-17](completely AU, INCOMPLETE)
TinyBlonde1- Summer Daze (V sees Logan @ carwash)
*TinyBlonde1- That Old Magic (Lilly lives)
*Trixx- Secrets (Lily has different secrets and doesn't die)
*Ultrawoman- Logan's Run (very AU and somewhat OOC)
*Ultrawoman- Stuck in the Middle With You (Lilly gives the tapes to V)
*Ultrawoman- You Drive Me Crazy (L/V meet when they're 8 and are friends until high school, Lily lives, no Fab 4 etc.)
*XKeepOfftheAcid- Welcome To Neptune (INCOMPLETE, starts when they were 12 & some nasty VD)

1x01 Pilot

*bluebel703- Season 1 Redux (INCOMPLETE)
Boyfriendinacoma- Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen (Logan POV through s1)
*LoveisRuthless- Rewritten (Lilly lived, paternity test was done, V stuck with Yolanda, secret LoVe etc. INCOMPLETE)
*Manie- Fun, Fun and a Little Angst (Weevil doesn't save the day, INCOMPLETE)
*Moo Chapman- A Step on the Path (AU, LoVe happened before Lilly died)
*Mooncat- Stolen Moments
*Mooncat99- The Layers of a Marshmallow
Psyc0gurl0- Dead & Gone
*Runiechica- Rebirth (AU, INCOMPLETE)
starcrazed- World Ablaze (Logan thoughts to WCD)
*TianaP- Miracles Do Happen (post episode, INCOMPLETE)

1x02 Credit Where Credit's Due

Dacian_goddess- Philosophy Applied (not a shipper fic)
*♥Ethereal65- World Turned Upside Down (almost immediately post episode, INCOMPLETE)
*Joanarc4- Take a Ride with Me (WIP, ch 2)
Kantayra- Enemies Who Snark Together, Stay Together (post episode)
*Obsessedlikeneverb4- Drunk Logan (post episode, AU somewhat OOC)
*♥Snuffybaby- Blurring Lines (Lilly survives)
Stainofmylove- The Past and Pending (not LoVe)

1x03 Meet John Smith

*♥Logans4ever- Rescue from Emotionless
Silverlining2k6- I Hate You Because
*silverlining2k6- Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own (episode estimate)
Stainofmylove- I Lost Myself (Inside Someone Else) (hint LoVe)

1x04 The Wrath of Con

*Barcodestripped- Black, White & Shades of Plaid
*Ethereal65- The Shocker (OOC, INCOMPLETE)
*Logans4Ever- Of Video Tapes and Lies (INCOMPLETE but ending is common sense with canon)
Mutinousmuse- Game Over
Rawkry- Gone for Good
Sabaceanbabe- This is For Me
Tigs- Peace (not together)

1x05 You Think You Know Somebody

*Leoness8178- You Think You Know Somebody (OOC, Troy never existed, it's Luke instead. INCOMPLETE)
*SaraLyleth- That Girl (OOC, INCOMPLETE)
*StarCrossdSparrow- For the Sins of Others
wily_one24- Fear and Loathing in Neptune (sometime post episode, OOC)

1x06 Return of the Kane

Sinaddict- We Used to be Friends (sequel-ish to Life of Something Like It, post episode)
*♥TeeBird86- Secret Kisses (post episode, INCOMPLETE)

1x07 The Girl Next Door

♥Mutinousmuse- Inauspicious Stars (Troy didn't leave, he's not evil either)

1x08 Like a Virgin

Vanessagalore- Cock of the Walk

1x09 Drinking the Kool-Aid

*Meimei42- The Results

1x10 An Echolls Family Christmas

*Ashqua- Letters (Logan OOC, INCOMPLETE)
DreamingMarie- The Crappiest Christmas (no LoVe, Logan POV)
Empty_Marrow- Call It an Adventure (immediately post episode)
*EpicLove111- In the Spirit of Christmas (INCOMPLETE)
*Jaymelynn143- Promises, Escapes, and LoVe (post episode, some OOC
*♥Jenwin23- Some Truths Hurt
Ladydisdain225- The Liar, the Bitch, and the Wardrobe (post episode)
Little Miss Vixen- Come, They Told Me
*MyCrAzyWorld- Losing My Ground (OOC for time period)
*Mallikad- Echoes, Silence, Patience and Grace (INCOMPLETE)
*♥Mediancat- Death Becomes Him
*♥Mooncat99- Twisted (AU Keith is killed sometime soon post episode, INCOMPLETE)
*MyLogan- An Echolls Family Christmas: An Alternate Ending (OOC)
♥Snuffybaby- Raising the Stakes

1x11 Silence of the Lamb

1x12 Clash of the Tritons

Aspen- The Plan (AU)
Flipped_Pancake- Something Live For
*♥MyLogan- Hard LoVe (OOC, no rape AU)
*SassyAngel05- Out of Control (post episode)
Sltt- Five Things That Don't Suprise Veronica Mars (post episode?)

1x13 Lord of the Bling

Sinaddict- Sucker Love (AU episode and AU pre-episode)

1x14 Mars vs. Mars

*LoveChilde- Knowing (post episode estimate)
*♥Shanna1- Catch Me if I Fall (a little OOC post episode estimate, INCOMPLETE)

1x15 Ruskie Business

*Addicted to Joy- Nightflower (here's part two)
Apckrfan- Come to Me
Apckrfan- Damaged and Bruised
Becca- The Phone Call (Duncan POV)
Copper- Unexpected Ally (post episode)
Kelex- Lancelot
Kelex- Touchy-Feely (AU)
Marvello- A Long Night (not episode specific but written post episode airing)
Mswyrr- Tinkerbelle and I (post episode)
Parka_Girl- The Sky Above
Parka_Girl- Thin Air (immediately post episode)
PicklePocket- Subterfuge (post episode)
Picklepocket- Consequences (sequel to Subterfuge)
Romanticalgirl- Persona Non Grata (post episode)
Sinaddict- Inertia Creeping (ending AU)
SlayerKitty00- I Never
Snarkycole- Right Kind of Wrong (post episode)
♥Snuffybaby- Carrying On
♥Snuffybaby- Comfort
superkappa- For Sorrow Or Inspiration (hints LoVe)
*♥_tiana_- Holding the Curve (INCOMPLETE)
*TVWhatley- Lovers and Friends (INCOMPLETE)
*Ultrawoman- Don't You Forget About Me (no rape)
VeronicasSecret- Awkward Alliance (drabble)
VeronicasSecret- Gallant Goofus (drabble)
*Wanabee- Rules of Engagement (INCOMPLETE)
*Whichrightwitchwrites- Scattered Secrets (sometime post episode)

1x16 Betty and Veronica

♥Invida- Stay Out of Riverdale (not a ship fic exactly)
Mastermia- Burgers and Ghosts

1x17 Kanes and Abel's

Carissima- Repaying Debts (episode estimate)
Jessie- Pay to the Order Of

1x18 Weapons of Class Destruction

Addictedtojoy- Guinevere
AmyBeckett- Straight Forward
Ashley- Falling Backward (part 2)
*♥BackupLover- Redefining Friendship (post episode AU no kiss, V/Troy & Logan/Caitlin still for awhile, INCOMPLETE)
Baden- Perfect Day [part 2, 3] (post episode)
ElleTell007- Dazed and Confused
Esren- Momentary Thing (post episode)
Etrnlscribbler- Veronica Mars Doesn't Gush
Flipped_Pancake- Right (post episode)
Lina- Fairy Tale
*KatiePotatie- LoVe and All that Comes with It (OOC, WIP9)
Kayli- Momentary Lapse of Judgement
Kayli- Now What?
Kieyra- Sometimes It Feels the Same (post episode)
Mags- Burn (post episode, drabble)
Mastermia- Exercise - Dialog (sometime post episode estimate)
Nightshade- Second Chances (post episode)
Nightshade- What Ifs and Should Have Dones (sequel to Second Chances)
*Raye- Aftermath (part 2)
Sexycereal- I've Never Crossed the Atlantic
*Slayathon- Not What They Seem (INCOMPLETE)
SlayerKitty00- Midnight Caller
*Stripedwall- Inaudible, Exposed, Given, Good to Know, and To Flee or Not to Flee (post episode)
*+♥tlovesLoVe- Accidentally in Love (first 5 chapters recap up to A Trip to the Dentist.)
Wynn- The Snail and the Jackhammer
♥Wynn- The Wallace Inquisition (post episode)

1x19 Hot Dogs

*♥Amanda Spencer- Forever After (similar to original plot but actually very AU)
Baden- Moving On
Herowlness- The Lies We Tell Ourselves (Logan POV)
+Maasila- Moving On (WAY post episode, actually futurefic)
MyLogan- A Trip To The Dentist (post episode estimate)
*SlayerKitty00- Something Happens

1x20 M.A.D.

Numbly_Breaking- Flagpole Justice (AU, written before episode)
*TVWhatley- Where I Want to Be (INCOMPLETE)

1x21 A Trip to the Dentist

*Brencon- Honesty
Cole78- This Is Me Trusting You
*KelseyLoVe- Logan's Defense
♥Snuffybaby- Convicted (V doesn't discover the cameras until after)
*♥Snuffybaby- The Value of Loving Him

1x22 Leave It to Beaver

*A War of Words- Come on Now Sugar (alternate ending)
*Brencon- What Are We Now?
♥Buffyx- A Rose Grows from Concrete (post episode, summer)
Call_me_blue- I Know This Much is True (AU fluff fic post episode- future)
*Chantelle1979- Rough Diamonds Case 1 (goes AU after episode, INCOMPLETE)
*CrackedReality- Ghost in the Halls (post episode)
Drollicaeipathy- Let's Get Stupid, Let's Get Wicked (post episode, summer)
Eternalscribbler- A History in Blood (post episode)
Eternalscribbler- Watching Her Sleep (sometime post episode)
*Ethereal65- School Daze (post episode)
♥EveryDream- On the Ledge
*FallAway- Sacrifice Theory (Mac and Madison weren't switched- M/C & LoVe, post episode)
*Fyreangel5- Who Can You Count On (who is at the door)
*HBQ100- LoVe is All Around You (immediately post episode, INCOMPLETE)
*Jacedesbff- Crossing the Bridge (Mac & Madison mainly but there is LoVe post episode, AU)
Jacedesbff- Golden Boy (major character deaths)
*♥Jacedesbff- Ripples (who's at the door)
*♥JeanSheridan- Recovery (AU post episode, summer slight VD)
*♥Jenwin23- Truths Too Big to be Told (18 days post sequel to Some Truths Hurt, AU)
*♥LibDucky- A Neptune UnChristmas Carol (right after beach confrontation)
Little_linds- In Between 
*LoVeSpuffy- What Are We Now? (post episode)
misa_05- Mine (post episode, summer OOC)
*Miss_begonia- Burn Inside of Me (a month post episode)
*+MyLogan- Abandoned (post episode, spring break of a very AU fourth year of college)
*+MyLogan- Helpless (immediately post episode)
NessaasseN- Penance (post episode)
*Orithain and Rina- When He Was Good [P2, P3] (post episode, summer)
*Patti- Overture (INCOMPLETE)
*Shontos_garden- The Salt-Wound Routine (who's at the door)
*♥Simply Lily- Gee, Thanks a Lot, Beaver
SirensSong- ExerciseRomance/Love 
Slayathon- Runaway (starts with dream)
*♥Snuffybaby- Angel of Mercy (part 2, 3, 4)
♥Snuffybaby- Best Friend's Eye View (post episode, Wallace POV)
♥Snuffybaby- Doing the Deed (post episode, next school semester; starts like Mecca)
♥Snuffybaby- Drunken Conduct (post episode, 6 months later)
♥Snuffybaby- Effects of Closure
Snuffybaby- In the Rearview (post episode, stranger POV)
♥Snuffybaby- Knight in Shining Xterra
♥Snuffybaby- Life Sentences
♥Snuffybaby- Mecca (post episode)
*+♥Snuffybaby- Survivors  (post episode, next school year)
+Snuffybaby- That Last Bit
♥Snuffybaby- Tying Up Loose Ends
*Superepic- Don't Leave it to Beaver
Synful_trixxie- Five More Minutes (post episode, summer)
*Tigereyes320- What Do We Do Now? (post episode, s3 babyfic)
*Tripetta- In the Absence of Sun (immediately post episode)

2x01 Normal Is the Watchword

*Acenotmany-Rewind (no VD, INCOMPLETE)
*+DarkandTwistyGirl- These Kids
*♥Elizcalvert- What is LoVe?
*EpicLove- Season 2 LoVe Redo (INCOMPLETE)
Jeanie205- Shifting Gears (Logan POV)
*♥Jenwin23- Playing Hide and Seek with the Truth (sequel to Truths Too Big to be Told, AU WIP7)
*♥Josielynn- Unwilling Kane (an AU season 2)
*lateVMlover- Ricochet (season 2 summer, WIP3)
*Marylane- Virtual Season Two (AU, INCOMPLETE)
*+♥MyLogan- The Bet (some slight DiVe, no VD or Kendell w/ robobaby)
Pegm81484- Normal is Not Always What You Need
Snuffybaby- Bump (AU, V isn't dating Duncan)
♥Snuffybaby- One Door Closes (post episode AU)
♥+Snuffybaby- Another Door Opens (sequel to One Door Closes)
♥Snuffybaby- Awake Before Christmas (V was on the bus, Meg wasn't)
*♥Snuffybaby- Making Memories (post episode, Logan was on the bus he's in the coma)
♥Snuffybaby- Promises to Keep (no D/V)
Thislittlelady- Nothing Happens Accidentally (INCOMPLETE)
Tsapphire13- Secret, Lies, and Alibis (AU)
*TVWhatley- And We All Fall Down (AU s2e1)
*TVWhatley- Fast Times at Neptune High (sequel to And We All Fall Down (AU s2e2)
Vmarsislife- She Was Always Mine (AU backstory)

2x02 Driver Ed

Naughtynyx- Epiphany
Princess72385- Regret
♥Snuffybaby- Healing

2x03 Cheatty Cheatty Bang Bang

*Skk670- When the Cuddling Isn't the Best Part (post episode, tiny bit OOC)
♥Snuffybaby- Truth Serum
Truemyth- Sugar and …

2x04 Green-Eyed Monster

Jacedesbff- Tell Me to Leave (post episode estimate)
*Josielynn- Cuddling Optional (sometime around or post episode)

2x05 Blast from the Past

*+♥Snuffybaby- True Love Found Her on a Soccer Field (no D/V and no main character was on the bus)

2x06 Rat Saw God

2x07 Nobody Puts Baby in a Corner

♥Snuffybaby- Masked Merriment (episode estimate, very AU)

2x08 Ahoy, Mateys!

*JeanSheridan- Alliance (some VD)

2x11 Donut Run

*♥Jacedesbff- Seasons of Love (post episode estimate, CROSSOVER with Grey's Anatomy)
*Madame Librarian- The Benefits of Being Lost (sometime post episode)
*M4D-LGX- Afterwards (post episode, some MaDi mentions VD)
Werewolf Girl 22- Fickle Witch (sometime post episode)

2x09 My Mother, the Fiend

♥kyria2b- High Stakes (sometime post episode)
*Madame Librarian- Absence of Feeling (immediately post episode)
♥Snuffybaby- While You Were Sleeping (episode estimate; very AU, Lily's alive: some L/L/V)

2x10 One Angry Veronica

Jacedesbff- Lost and Found, a.k.a. Veronica 3.0
*JeanSheridan- Baby Series (AU sometime post episode)

2x12 Rashard and Wallace Go to White Castle

2x13 Ain't No Magic Mountain High Enough

*♥AliLamba- Swing Low Sweet Chariot (kissing booth, not slushy booth)
Girlintheattic- They'll Name a Condition After You (sometime post episode)
♥Snuffybaby- All In A Number (post episode)
♥Snuffybaby- Kissing Booths
*Taken_With_You- Unbreak Broken;  It Won’t Happen (sometime post episode AU)

2x14 Versatile Toppings

Jacedesbff- The Melancholy Prince (sometime post episode)
*♥MyLogan & Intense26- The Plan (post episode, pretend DiVe)

2x15 The Quick and the Wed

♥Snuffybaby- Deserve Each Other

2x16 The Rapes of Graff

Jacedesbff- How to Escape from a Mountain Lion (post episode, AU Cassidy wasn't the bad guy)
Jacedesbff- Spork (post episode estimate)

2x17 Plan B

2x18 I Am God

2x19 Nevermind the Buttocks

2x20 Look Who's Stalking

Carissima- It Was a Start (post episode)
Mallikad- Get Cape, Wear Cape, Fly (AU)

2x21 Happy Go Lucky

*♥Angel Monroe- Life in Slow Motion (Lucky had bullets)

2x22 Not Pictured

Carissima- Change of Plan (post episode)
Flinkkamingo3- The Smell Before Rain
*Gertinator- Full Circle (starts 4 years post episode, AU)
Halfway2Home- Cast Away (AU post episode)
Invida- Blonde and Blue (summer post episode)
Lapdogdesign34- Reading Between the Lines (post episode)
*Madi_Lover- Life's Funny That Way Complete Story (5 years post episode, Madi centered & some LoVe)
*Madi_Lover- Why Not? (LoVe, MaDi)
Mallikad- One Billionth of a Millisecond on a Sunday Morning (3 months post episode)
♥+Shanna1- You Can't Give Up on the One You Love (post episode estimate, eventual future babyfic, MaDi)
+♥Snuffybaby- Pleasant Surprises (post episode)
*Sparlenvy- It's Enough (MaDi fic with a pinch of LoVe, post episode)
Tempestuous_sea- LoVe Means Never Having to Say You're Sorry (post episode, OOC)
Vanessagalore- Friction is Our Friend (post episode)

3x01 Welcome Wagon

*Everything_inme- Caricature Of (AU s3)
Jacedesbff- Settling In
*Jazzbelle- Season Three Coda (rewrite, V/OC for awhile)

3x04 Charlie Don't Surf

Isdonisgood- Dinner on Mars

3x02 My Big Fat Greek Rush Week

3x03 Wichita Linebacker

3x05 President Evil

*+♥Christykq- Could This Be Happening? (best baby fic ever!)

3x06 Hi, Infidelity

3x07 Of Vice and Men

3x08 Lord of the Pi's

*♥Mandy1229- A Neptune Christmas (sometime post episode, MaDi too INCOMPLETE)

3x09 Spit & Eggs

Jacedesbff- What I Would Give (CROSSOVER Supernatural, Logan didn't go to Aspen)
*Madi-Lover- Starting Over (post episode, mostly MaDi, a little LoVe)
*Psyc0gurl0- All I Want is You (post episode)
Snuffybaby- Attempts at Moving On (post episode)

3x10 Show Me the Monkey

3x11 Poughkeepsie, Tramps and Thieves

*Kimikochan- Lies and Misdemeanors (goes AU during episode, futurefic INCOMPLETE)

3x12 There's Got to Be a Morning After Pill

*+♥Snuffybaby- 3% (mentions Logan/Parker for a second)

3x13 Postgame Mortem

Snuffybaby- Relationship Fun (post episode, Mac and Wallace POV)

3x14 Mars, Bars

3x15 Papa's Cabin

*Christykq- Home and Heart Improvements (post episode, some Logan/Parker)
*♥Snuffybaby- Permission Granted (some Logan/Parker)

3x16 Un-American Graffiti

Snuffybaby- His Everything (post episode)
♥Snuffybaby- What is Love Worth? (sometime post episode)

3x17 Debasement Tapes

3x18 I Know What You'll Do Next Summer

*♥Snuffybaby- Sabotage? (mentions of Parker/Logan and Veronica/Piz)

3x20 The Bitch is Back

*Eccia- One Last Try (a year post finale)
*LateVMlover-Tear Away the Mask (post episode)
Mallikad- Apologies (post episode, mentions MaDi)
*Pigy190- Tears Fell Down and Hit the Fire (few days post episode, mentions MaDi)
*TinkMars- Summer LoVe (post episode, summer)

3x19 Weevils Wobble But They Don't Go Down

*+Jenwin23- The ABCs of Mac and Dick (goes to future, a bit AU MaDi centered with a side of LoVe)

Post-Series & Future Fic

*A Blurred Someday- The Great Graffiti Caper (post series estimate, MaDi centered with LoVe)
*♥A Blurred Someday- The Odd Couple (sequel to The Great Graffiti Caper, MaDi centered with LoVe)
*Celticgothhardy- Reproba Letum (post series, CROSSOVER:Criminal Minds some AU events not LoVe exactly)
HoneyBee1-Pony Meltdown (sometime post series)
Jacedesbff- Internal Affairs (sometime after the series ends, Keith POV)
+Jacedesbff- Push (married LoVe)
Jacedesbff- Where’s Waldo? (future fic, DragonCon)
*LateVMLover- Tear Away the Mask (after the summer of s3, some V/Piz some MaDi)
*♥lvee63- LoVe Under Pressure (post series, some a bit AU)
*MLP- A Life Extraordinary (2010, WIP24)
Nerdyesque- Beware of Blondes (CROSSOVER w/ True Blood)
*Silverlining2k6- Veronica's Hangover (sometime post series)
SmellsLikeCorruption- Like Chihuahuas (post episode estimate CROSSOVER:Buffy)
Snuffybaby- Catching Up
+veni_veni_veni- Have Your Day in Court (sometime not happy futurefic)
+veni_veni_veni- Drama of Errors (sequel to Have Your Day in Court)
*WickedDiva422- The Consequences of the Past (50 year reunion, sucks ass!)