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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Completely AU or Pre- Series

*Anedderm- The Morning After (goes AU the morning after the rape, V turns out to be a Kane)
*ArBailey- His Friend Too (preseries, V catches Lilly and Aaron)
*Avery Malfoy- What If? (Lily lives but was attacked and Dick turns out to be V's brother)
*BellaoftheBall91- It's Something Like LoVe (Lily didn't die, INCOMPLETE?)
*Blondiekins- Dig (OOC, INCOMPLETE)
*Brandee06- Who Am I? (Lilly didn't die and she's a bitch, INCOMPLETE)
*♥Brencon- Mutual (Lily lives and is a complete bitch to LoVe)
*♥Carissima- Something Like Fate (AU- no Lily/Aaron therefore she's alive)
*Catheryne- The King of Neptune High (quite a bit AU LoVe secret together & Lilly didn't die, INCOMPLETE)
*Cloud_Forest- Two Week Stay-Cation (pre-series before Lilly dies, no V/D)
*♥Gertinator- The Sweet Life (graduation dream made real)
*In Love with LoVe- Breakups and Bets (very AU & OOC, preseries)
*Intense26- Knight in Tarnished Armor (after rape)
*Invida- Damn, Damn the Circumstance (goes AU from Pomroy party, INCOMPLETE)
*♥Jacedesbff- For the Sake of a Friend (AU prologue, then rest of season LoVe)
*+♥Jacedesbff- Honors Biology (AU, no Fab 4 INCOMPLETE)
Jacedesbff-Ice, Ice, Baby (very AU)
Jacedesbff- Missed Kisses (AU)
*Jacedesbff- Past Imperfect (very AU, Duncan's gay)
*Jacedesbff- Point A to Point B [p2] (very AU & OOC, Graduation dream background)
Jacedesbff- The Kingdom by the Sea (crackedy-cracked-up crack!fluff/crack!fic, AU)
Jacedesbff- The Pirate Fic (crackedy-cracked-up crack!fluff/crack!fic, AU)
Jacedesbff- The Veronica We Know and Love [Or Not] (completely AU vignettes)
*JazzieAngel- Everything Will Be Fine (AU, s2 happens first, INCOMPLETE?)
Jeanie205- Miscommunication (pre-series, LoVe, MaDi)
*JimmyChoo2709- Let Your Heart Win (VERY AU, Lilly lives, Veronica moved away freshman year, Lamb is her half-brother, INCOMPLETE)
*Josielynn- Broken Veronica (AU, Aaron wasn't who killed Lilly and then Keith dies)
*Josielynn- Lilly's Waiting (V has cancer)
*Josielynn- The Real Thing (completely AU, V was never friends with Fab4, WIP12)
*Josielynn- Veronica Moves to Neptune (V is an 09er and moved there when she was 16)
*Lisabeth C- Brighter Than Sunshine (Lilly didn't die cause Lynn found the tapes, INCOMPLETE)
Little Miss Vixen- White (Lilly alive at Pomroy party)
*Mac-alicious- Do You Remember? (very AU, WIP)
*♥Maipigen- An Underestimated Return (completely almost 100% AU, slight crossover with Alias)
*♥Mallikad- Crash Into You (Lily didn't die)
*Marianna- The Alternate (AU)
*Moonswirl- Mars Out of Neptune (AU, INCOMPLETE)
*PilarlaRubia- Finding It a New Way (AU, Lilly doesn't die INCOMPLETE)
Sexycereal- Boy, Oh, Boy (no pairing really)
Silverlining2k6- Control (starts after Shelly's party, very AU)
Sinaddict- Life or Something Like It (AU following Lily's death)
Spunky Lily- New Hair Day (just before Pilot)
+Snuffybaby- Beat the Heat (LL, LoVe, very minor VD starts pre-series ends way post)
*♥Snuffybaby- Breaching Defenses (@ carwash, Logan's letter is LoVe-centric. Lily doesn't die)
*♥Snuffybaby- His Friend Too [part 2, 3] (V sees Logan at the carwash)
*♥Snuffybaby- Inevitable
♥Snuffybaby- Intoxicated (no body shots at the party, Logan saves her)
♥Snuffybaby- Second Chances (AU s2, Lily's alive & LoVe have been together for 3 years)
♥Snuffybaby- Stepping Aside (goes AU after D/V break up)
Stainofmylove- Bait and Switch (preseries sorta LoVe)
*Tastylilgifty- Whenever I'm Alone With You (prologue pre-series)
*TinyBlonde1- Love and Hate [13-17](completely AU, INCOMPLETE)
TinyBlonde1- Summer Daze (V sees Logan @ carwash)
*TinyBlonde1- That Old Magic (Lilly lives)
*Trixx- Secrets (Lily has different secrets and doesn't die)
*Ultrawoman- Logan's Run (very AU and somewhat OOC)
*Ultrawoman- Stuck in the Middle With You (Lilly gives the tapes to V)
*Ultrawoman- You Drive Me Crazy (L/V meet when they're 8 and are friends until high school, Lily lives, no Fab 4 etc.)
*XKeepOfftheAcid- Welcome To Neptune (INCOMPLETE, starts when they were 12 & some nasty VD)

1x01 Pilot

*bluebel703- Season 1 Redux (INCOMPLETE)
Boyfriendinacoma- Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen (Logan POV through s1)
*LoveisRuthless- Rewritten (Lilly lived, paternity test was done, V stuck with Yolanda, secret LoVe etc. INCOMPLETE)
*Manie- Fun, Fun and a Little Angst (Weevil doesn't save the day, INCOMPLETE)
*Moo Chapman- A Step on the Path (AU, LoVe happened before Lilly died)
*Mooncat- Stolen Moments
*Mooncat99- The Layers of a Marshmallow
Psyc0gurl0- Dead & Gone
*Runiechica- Rebirth (AU, INCOMPLETE)
starcrazed- World Ablaze (Logan thoughts to WCD)
*TianaP- Miracles Do Happen (post episode, INCOMPLETE)

1x02 Credit Where Credit's Due

Dacian_goddess- Philosophy Applied (not a shipper fic)
*♥Ethereal65- World Turned Upside Down (almost immediately post episode, INCOMPLETE)
*Joanarc4- Take a Ride with Me (WIP, ch 2)
Kantayra- Enemies Who Snark Together, Stay Together (post episode)
*Obsessedlikeneverb4- Drunk Logan (post episode, AU somewhat OOC)
*♥Snuffybaby- Blurring Lines (Lilly survives)
Stainofmylove- The Past and Pending (not LoVe)

1x03 Meet John Smith

*♥Logans4ever- Rescue from Emotionless
Silverlining2k6- I Hate You Because
*silverlining2k6- Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own (episode estimate)
Stainofmylove- I Lost Myself (Inside Someone Else) (hint LoVe)

1x04 The Wrath of Con

*Barcodestripped- Black, White & Shades of Plaid
*Ethereal65- The Shocker (OOC, INCOMPLETE)
*Logans4Ever- Of Video Tapes and Lies (INCOMPLETE but ending is common sense with canon)
Mutinousmuse- Game Over
Rawkry- Gone for Good
Sabaceanbabe- This is For Me
Tigs- Peace (not together)

1x05 You Think You Know Somebody

*Leoness8178- You Think You Know Somebody (OOC, Troy never existed, it's Luke instead. INCOMPLETE)
*SaraLyleth- That Girl (OOC, INCOMPLETE)
*StarCrossdSparrow- For the Sins of Others
wily_one24- Fear and Loathing in Neptune (sometime post episode, OOC)

1x06 Return of the Kane

Sinaddict- We Used to be Friends (sequel-ish to Life of Something Like It, post episode)
*♥TeeBird86- Secret Kisses (post episode, INCOMPLETE)

1x07 The Girl Next Door

♥Mutinousmuse- Inauspicious Stars (Troy didn't leave, he's not evil either)

1x08 Like a Virgin

Vanessagalore- Cock of the Walk

1x09 Drinking the Kool-Aid

*Meimei42- The Results

1x10 An Echolls Family Christmas

*Ashqua- Letters (Logan OOC, INCOMPLETE)
DreamingMarie- The Crappiest Christmas (no LoVe, Logan POV)
Empty_Marrow- Call It an Adventure (immediately post episode)
*EpicLove111- In the Spirit of Christmas (INCOMPLETE)
*Jaymelynn143- Promises, Escapes, and LoVe (post episode, some OOC
*♥Jenwin23- Some Truths Hurt
Ladydisdain225- The Liar, the Bitch, and the Wardrobe (post episode)
Little Miss Vixen- Come, They Told Me
*MyCrAzyWorld- Losing My Ground (OOC for time period)
*Mallikad- Echoes, Silence, Patience and Grace (INCOMPLETE)
*♥Mediancat- Death Becomes Him
*♥Mooncat99- Twisted (AU Keith is killed sometime soon post episode, INCOMPLETE)
*MyLogan- An Echolls Family Christmas: An Alternate Ending (OOC)
♥Snuffybaby- Raising the Stakes

1x11 Silence of the Lamb

1x12 Clash of the Tritons

Aspen- The Plan (AU)
Flipped_Pancake- Something Live For
*♥MyLogan- Hard LoVe (OOC, no rape AU)
*SassyAngel05- Out of Control (post episode)
Sltt- Five Things That Don't Suprise Veronica Mars (post episode?)

1x13 Lord of the Bling

Sinaddict- Sucker Love (AU episode and AU pre-episode)

1x14 Mars vs. Mars

*LoveChilde- Knowing (post episode estimate)
*♥Shanna1- Catch Me if I Fall (a little OOC post episode estimate, INCOMPLETE)